Project Management

Construction Industry


Best Practice

Project Professional Network:
o Contractors
o Suppliers

Optimal  Resource to Cost  Ratio

Hands on and Proactive

Effectively Manages:
o Quality
o Cost
o Waste
o Lead times

“Driven To Achieve Excellence
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Vanton Consulting [VC] is a provider of turnkey project solutions, participating predominantly in the construction industry. We combine experience and best practice methodologies to deliver successful outcomes.
One of the key value elements VC provides to clients is our Project Professional Network [PPN]. A resource network of pre-selected, weighted and quality assured contractors and suppliers from which we extract the required resources that allows us to engage clients on a variety of scales.
By constantly utilizing our PPN we ensure through our buying power an optimal resource to cost ratio: delivering finished products produced by top workmen at competitive costs, ensuring our clients get their money’s worth.
VC follows a “hands on – proactive” approach to managing our projects
We place emphasis on quality, cost, waste and time management to get our clients optimal results in their projects. We aim to achieve not only the required but exceed expectations through dedication and a constant drive for excellence.
Project Management Methodology